Services & Equipment Offered

Professional DJ Services

Family owned and operated sound and lighting company local to Nashville. We offer any type of music for your event and we plan ahead of time to compile songs for your musical preference. We can provide soft background music, casual entertainment music and DJ dance music. We can also provide live music and entertainment.   

Photo Booth

We have state of the art, cutting edge photo booths available for your event that share directly to email, social media or your guest photo album to create the ultimate guest experience and memory of your event. We have several backdrops to choose from ranging from event specific to plain or corporate versions. This is the perfect addition to any DJ package or stand alone!!


We own, operate and maintain professional grade, top of the line equipment to accommodate any room size or outdoor event. We can provide enough sound equipment to accommodate full band performances of any size. We have several sound system options to choose from and can set up a few in different areas of your event as needed. 


Our lighting capabilities include accent lighting, color wash lights, moving lighting to the sound of the music, and lasers. We offer and recommend the use of low-lying or mist fog machines to capture our full lighting experience, however venue restrictions sometimes apply. 

Coordinating & Event Planning

We coordinate with all parties involved with your event to build a timeframe and schedule that will allow your event to flow without interruption or deviation. We can help keep your schedule on track. Typical event planning involved with our services averages between 20-30 hours prior to event. 

Rates & Policies

Most of our prices are tailored to the specific requirements of your event and are derived from equipment needs, travel time, size of event, services and planning needed, and length of time for your event. Our prices are competitive across the market. Non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your event dates on our schedule. Remaining balance and payment in full is due at the time of arrival on site prior to setup the day of the event. We accept tips for services discretely, however we will not accept tips for music or song requests. All requests for music shall be submitted before the day of the event in order to help your event flow properly and professionally.